Eu amo Guerlain: a história me fascina…
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The Guerlinade is the historic constant that anchors the Guerlain spirit and keeps its admirers captivated, but it was not conjured up or given beforehand as a fine philosophy; rather, it was distilled and developed through years of creative work, and it’s evident that each Guerlain perfumer has added his own touch to it, influenced by personal taste and the trends of the time. The prehistory of the Guerlinade was the cologne era of founder Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain. What was inside Eau de Cologne Impériale — essences from citrus fruits, orange blossoms and Provençal herbs — has been maintained as the characteristic top note of any Guerlain perfume.

Aimé Guerlain’s Jicky defined to a large extent what we think of today as the scent of Guerlain. Jicky married the herbal and citrusy freshness of a cologne with a new kind of base, marked by depth and strength, that was balsamic, gourmand, slightly spicy and leathery, and sensually warm. This kind of base mixture was later called amber due to its golden colour. The amber base was also central to the work of Jacques Guerlain, but his special mark was the act of overdosing, as well as an enveloping feel of musk and powder. His compositions were extremely dense, using rich absolutes and tinctures, but he always arranged them with great harmony and a sense of the enigmatic, like abstract poems or portraits. By the way, Jacques Guerlain was reputedly the first to use the term Guerlinade. Read more at #guerlain #perfume #parfum

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